Pádraig Kitterick


I am an associate professor in hearing sciences at the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre.

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Tinnitus and Sleep Difficulties After Cochlear Implantation.

Robert H Pierzycki, Mark Edmondson-Jones, Piers Dawes, Kevin J Munro, David R Moore, Pádraig T Kitterick

Ear and Hearing, Epub ahead of print

Objectives: To estimate and compare the prevalence of and associations between tinnitus and sleep difficulties in a sample of UK adult cochlear implant users and those identified as potential candidates for cochlear implantation. Design: The study was conducted using the UK Biobank resource, a population-based cohort of 40-to 69-year olds. Self-report data on hearing, tinnitus, sleep difficulties, and demographic variables were collected from cochlear implant users (n= 194) and individuals identified as potential candidates for cochlear ...Full-text link

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